Co-Operative education

Cooperative Education(equivalent to 2 major electives with 8 credits)

‣The cooperative education can be non-academic place only

‣Three full months during normal trimester period

‣Available on request, notify program secretary at least 2 months before you start

‣The registration process is the same as internship. However, an extra from will be needed since you will have to request to register less than 12 credits on that trimester.  (Less than 12 credits form)

‣Suggestion: Trimester1, right after summer internship


What you should do

  • You should have a project of your own responsibility during the period.
  • The project can be used to evaluate toward your performance.
  • The project timeline have to be scheduled early, within 2 weeks from your start date.
  • Presentation will have to be done both in your workplace and at university.