EGCI 391: Internship(required course)

Q:When should I go?

A: Internship should start on your third summer at Uni. However, if your entry is T3, it can be extended until your forth summer.


Q: When should I start?

A: Start searching for a place 1 trimester before. You can start on T1,T2 before you go. Some internship place require more time to process.


Q: Open once a year in summer.

A: Internship requires 144 hours (excluding lunch time ). Start searching for places  on your 6-7th trimester(credit > = 60-70)


Q: Where can I do intern?

A: Industry or academic places


Q: Where can I do my intern?

A: Local or aboard. Well founded place. It should be established for at least a year. Startup place can be suggested but it has to be reviewed.

Position should be related to the computer engineering field (not just ‘internship’)


Q.How to start?


▸Consult of the previous intern location here or contact out program secretary(P’Toey).

▸Choose your own place, search from internet


Internship Registration Process.

1.Search and apply for internship places according your selected internship process.

2.Get informal confirmation

3.Get an internship form from program secretary(P’Toey).

4.Wait for PD signature

5.Submit to science division

6.If you choose to pickup the letter yourself, wait a few days before pick it up in science division.



– “Training Workplace Form” send back within
1st week of internship
– “Training Evaluation Form” for the company to
evaluate student. send this form within 2nd week of T1

Internship Report (due date :2nd week of T1)
Topics in internship report
1. Introduction
2. Company Profile
3. Responsibilities and Assignments
4. Daily Activities
5. Conclusion
6. Evaluation Form (Copy)

*Daily Activities example