Senior Project (EGCI 491-492)

  • Good projects take 1 full academic year.
  • Normally ‘Senior Project’ (EGCI 492) is on last trimester.
  • Take Project Seminar(EGCI491), at least 2 trimester before your EGCI492.


Timeline for senior project in (EGCI 491 + EGCI 492)

==EGCI 491 Project Seminar==

– When you wish to enrol for EGCI491, submit senior project title + member in project at and send that form + main advisor’s signature before 1st week of every trimester (Proposal Presentation Week 10)

– Send chepter 1 (you can download at Before 2nd week (please send soft file to and send hard copy to me)


==Intermission trimester(s) — ==

– If you have passed your proposal but have not registered for EGCI492. Progress presentation have to be done on the 12th week on that trimester

==EGCI 492 Computer Engineering Project==

– Progress presentation  (Week 6)
– First Draft of your blackbook: all chapters  (Week 9)
– Final presentation  (week 10)
– If you do not pass, final presentation round 2 within week 12 (If you have still not passed, EGCI492 will have to be taken again next trimester)
– The complete physical black book within after exam period